Monday, March 9, 2009

Doylestown nonprofit helps Medicare reduce costs

This post is merely a comment on the article referenced above. To read article following link to the York Daily record.
It sounds clear that it’s not “Managed Care” that has been the problem it has been “Management”. Clearly a properly designed, implemented and managed program can reduce cost.
We don’t need a new system, just a few improvements to our current system. I’ve been advocating for improvements we can believe in, not change for change sake. That will just add cost as we find new problems that they themselves need improving. And nothing has really gotten better, just different.
Take Medicare Advantage. Many of these plans are providing improved benefits, lower cost, and small co-pays for doctors’ visits and hospitalization. They are a great improvement over the old, tired, Original Medicare plan. Plans in many areas have very low co-pays for PCP visits. This low co-pay encourages low, middle income beneficiaries to see a doctor early and more often - improving the likelihood of catching a costly ailment early, saving money, and improving overall health. I we could take some of the lesson learned from this program and apply them to private Medicare, or Medicare Advantage we could really make health care better. Sure I hear the argument that these plans cost more. Well this program shows that it doesn’t have to be that way. We can do it for less.

Eliminating MA would just hurt low and middle income beneficiaries who in many cases can’t afford a Medicare Supplement Insurance . Let’s fix the problems say 1:1 reimbursement and let Capitalism and programs described in this article decide which is better.